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The Colorado Department of Higher Education is committed to scaling apprenticeships in critical roles in health care through the Colorado Collegiate Apprenticeship Program.

In partnership with Colorado’s healthcare companies and community colleges, we have developed the required curricula to meet the needs of today’s systems. By streamlining learning, we’re reducing the barriers between higher education and business, creating a more sustainable, successful and long-term solution that works harder for you and our ROI. 

Apprenticeship works because:

  • 94% of apprentices stay with their employers after graduation, reducing training costs*
  • 98% of apprentices complete their program, reducing recruitment costs**
  • Apprenticeship promotes & increases diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Empowered employees result in higher productivity and lower turnover
  • Critical need roles are filled fast with on-the-job training

Apprenticeship is:

  • A reliable way to find the employees you need, right now
  • Reducing liability in the workplace
  • Creating a more inclusive, diverse culture and environment
  • Staying competitive on industry trends
  • Developing leadership within your organization
  • A reliable way to accommodate an aging workforce

Apprenticeship programs bring a repeatable, systematic approach to training that ensures your business has the highest skilled, certified workforce you need.

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