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Welcome to the future of career-focused education. One committed to paving a more attainable, affordable and innovative path toward successful careers in fields like healthcare and information technology. Our IT and medical apprenticeship programs are shifting how we think about higher education and the coursework required to complete it. And by focusing on equity, the Colorado Collegiate Apprenticeship Program serves as a powerful tool to promote a diverse workforce in medical care, IT and beyond as we add additional apprenticeship programs.

Our IT and medical apprenticeship programs streamline the way we recruit, teach and train qualified individuals for successful careers. This is done in partnership with the state’s community colleges and businesses to create a curriculum of healthcare and IT courses that meet the specific needs of today’s businesses and provide students with the right training and a degree to be proud of.

The Colorado Collegiate Apprenticeship Program is matching motivated individuals looking for a stable, viable and exciting career path with healthcare and IT companies of all sizes who believe in the value of human capital and understand that the right people can reshape the workforce of the future.

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

Apprentice Testimonial

“Learning and working right off the bat is what stood out most to me about this program. I was able to start making a difference in my community immediately. Previously I worked in the restaurant industry. Now, interacting with patients and making a difference, I am happy! I look forward to going to work and seeing what the next day will hold.”

Hannah Davidson

Apprentice Testimonial

“The Centura Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program was a great experience. The ACC instructors were very knowledgeable and invested in the students. I learned a lot in a short time. Working in the clinic was great. The clinic preceptors were very helpful and encouraging in helping me learn and practice my skills. I would highly recommend this program!”

Debbi Mahony

Apprentice Testimonial

“This program has meant a lot for me, as I want to eventually become a nurse. Since I have a CNA and now am an MA apprentice, this has helped tremendously. I highly recommend this program to anyone who works for Centura because it was an eye-opener for me.”

Paul Stevenson

Apprentice Testimonial

“My experience in the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program was nothing but pleasure! The program taught me how to organize my day, find perfect life-work-school balance, concentrate, get things done in as little time as possible, and how to not give up. This MA apprenticeship should be implemented nationwide because it is a fantastic experience.”

Anastasia Tsurkan

Apprentice Testimonial

“At the age of 58, I was displaced and began looking toward a new career. I learned more than I ever knew was possible in the Medical Apprentice program sponsored by HealthONE in conjunction with the Arapahoe County Workforce Center and Arapahoe Community College—a totally new field! Clinicals were interesting and fulfilling. My full-time position started during the pandemic.”

William Peeples


If you’re looking for a proven pathway to a lucrative career, you’ve come to the right place. Explore our IT and medical training programs.

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For healthcare or IT companies seeking a more equitable and innovative way to find, train and retain proven human talent, this is your opportunity to reshape the future of your workforce.

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